Current problems

Training companies

Training companies auto certificate millions of people who attend courses of different kind, by spending millions of dollars in certificates that are usually not usable by the market.  

Their certifications cannot be easily verified from the involved people  and cannot be utilized from students/course attenders in an efficient manner on social networks.

Recruiting companies spend millions of dollars to find the best talents without any sureness.


The HR section is overloaded with thousands resumes but there’s no certainty that they are 100% reliable.

There aren’t any solutions that are fast and transparent to value the certifications of the candidates.

Recruiters / HR

Having their students in the best companies is surely the main goal of the universities, but there aren’t accurate verifications.

False graduates are increasing and the IT sections of the universities have a hard time controlling all the requests from the companies.

There isn’t a fast and transparent ecosystem where it is possible to quickly control the university certifications.


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