Life Skill Passport

Life skill passport is the core of the Skillchain ecosystem. The platform uses the blockchain of ethereum and its smartcontracts to imprint the certifications that come from training providers.

The life skill passport is the digital passport that stays with the user during his or her training process.

It is shareable on social networks and verifiable on the Skillchain platform with just a click.

Academic education

Universities and high schools have the possibility to use the blockchain technology to make their certificates usable from the reference market making them finally  verifiable. 
skillchain offers to these players new technologies and solutions to make the verification of certificates (msters, degrees) much more efficient.

Non academic education

Training schools have the opportunity to make their certificates valuable. Soft skills and transversal skills are the base of a complete training and they are increasingly asked by the market. training courses finally become a part of a complete CV, verifiable thanks to the skill life passport.

Skillchain collects the courses certificates and the degrees from the academic and non academic education providers, and crystallize them in ethereum blockchain.
The result is the life skill passport, that is the set of skills that have been acquired from the user, verifiable and compatible in the social network as well as in the CV or even on the user business card.


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